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Sorry, James Pond

December 28, 2013

Tilmonster and I stare into the pond.

“I think he’s dead,” I say after awhile. “Or maybe he’s asleep”.

I use a stick to gingerly prod the body lying still at the bottom of the pond. We watch it brush aside water lilies as it floats to the surface and bobs there, turning gently until it is belly-up. “Nope. Definitely dead.”

Poor James Pond. I wonder how he died. How long do koi live anyway? Maybe I overfed him. He does look quite bloated, but I am uncertain if this is due to overeating or his state of deadness. Death from too much food, what a stupid way to go. I can certainly go to town at a buffet and might pop a button or two, but at least I have the sense to stop stuffing my face before I explode all over everyone else’s dinner. Guilt assails me. Not only have I possibly killed my fish, I’m also thinking ill of the dead.

I quickly look to Bubble07 to check that he’s not going to cark it any time soon as well. He looks ok, very ok in fact. He weaves merrily through the water lilies, not even bothering to give unfortunate James Pond a wide berth. What a cold-hearted bastard. Grew up his whole life with him and not even pretending to mourn the death of his best (and only) buddy.

Til leans out and noses at the dead fish. I yank her back before she can chomp down.

Jesus. Monsters, the both of them.

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