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Noise in the Night!

October 13, 2013


What’s that?! I bolt upright in bed. It might be a burglar jumping off my roof!

Ever since I started checking out Perth WA Crime Reports on Facebook, I’ve been super vigilant for crime in the neighbourhood. I didn’t realise dastardly deeds were being committed so often in these quiet, unassuming suburbs!

I really should check the window, or I’ll be lying in bed all night preparing to defend my home.

“Tils!” I hiss urgently. “Wake up!” I prod at her until she turns a disgruntled eye to me. “I heard something. Go check if someone is in the garden!”

She tucks her nose back under her tail. “Check it yourself.”

“No, you check! Your nose is black, no one will notice you peeking out!” I shove my feet under her insistently until she gets up with a huff. She nudges the curtain aside briefly, then returns to her warm spot.

It was just a lemon falling from the tree.”

“How do you knooooow,” I wail-whisper.

“Because that’s what it always is. Every. Time.”

“Are you sure?”

She barks half-heartedly. “There. Even if someone was going to break in, they now know there’s a slavering hell hound in the house.”

I lie back down, comforted. “You’ve always got my back, Tils!”

“Mum’s picking me up from our sleepover tomorrow.”

Control yourself.

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