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Link: 6000Times

May 9, 2011

Because I’m too busy watching Masterchef working hard to write proper posts, here’s someone who’s better at it.


I recommend having a wee before reading such gems:

I had visited my regular Dim Sum over fifty times before the owner would even give me a porite herro. The day that smug young Chi-nee caught me refusing money from my friends at the counter, I witnessed a smile appear on his face. Before that day, standard service was –  “sit over there”. Now, when we enter the restaurant,  a maelstrom of Chinese waitresses, faces holding panicked expressions, rolls like a snowball towards our table, all under the careful watch of the owner, the second we walk in the door. One crooked chop stick, and they’re gone. Hot tea and chilli oil waiting, fresh batch of fried chilli squid on the way. That’s the kind of Dim Sum power a whitey who pays for other whiteys holds. I can only dream of the power I would have if I was Chinese. Level 28 Super Yum Char Power, or maybe even higher, I would imagine. Ni-Hao!

Hen hao enough to overrook the herro.

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