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Why I Need Mace Pt. 2

August 3, 2009

(Continued from here)

My white-knuckled grip must be sufficient warning because I am left alone.

As soon as the train doors swish open, I dart in, making sure that I am in a separate carriage. I should be relieved now that I have people around me but I’m still on edge. Maybe this is a good state to be in because in the absence of transit officers, a fight could break out anytime.

I stumble over a pair of crutches poking out into the aisle. I recover my balance and glare ferociously at the owner. Thinking of tripping me so you can mug me with a knife hidden in your sock? Think again, buddy! I find a seat where I can keep an eye on my one-legged would-be assailant, silently daring him to come at me. Just a twitch in my direction and I’ll crack him over the head with his own crutches. In fact, I’ll crack ANYONE over the head if they make the wrong move. Yes, I’m looking at you, gran in the wheelchair!

The waves of pent-up aggression keep me safe because I get to my stop without incident. But the night is far from over. To get to my friend’s house, I have to walk down a long, unlit road. The sort where I would choose to ambush a girl travelling alone in the dark were I a serial killer, serial rapist, serial anything.

I steel myself and start walking.

There is an empty lot ahead of me. Overgrown grass surrounded by brick wall crumbling down in places. It is where I imagine illicit encounters would encount. Maybe a murder or two as well, with the bonus of on-site dumping. As I walk past, I cannot resist taking a peek through a gap in the broken wall.

Two men in the far corner staring suspiciously at me!

It is a drug deal! I freeze and break out in a cold sweat. Do they think I’m a witness? It’s too dark for me to make their faces out but will they care? Oh god, curiosity does kill the cat!

No, remember what happened earlier! Aggression protects me! I put on my fiercest expression and think snarly thoughts as I slowly back away. It is working! I can feel my fear receding and red hot aggression filling its place. I have keys in my clenched fist so that they protrude through my fingers. I also note where there are loose bricks on the ground. If the men come at me, I’ll take them to hospital with me!

The tension is interrupted by the rattle and hiss of a spray can behind the wall. They have henchmen! I squeak in alarm and alerted, a face appears in the gap.

I flee like a frightened rabbit.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. August 7, 2009 9:47 am

    That gran was waiting to charge!

    They all are.

    It might be presumptous to assume this might interest you, but I have a new entry, on taser.

    We need taser, man…AND Mace.

    Such is the perilious and dangerous journey home, Intrepid Soldier.

  2. August 10, 2009 5:25 pm

    Hey Zebra hi there. It’s been ages since I’ve visited your blog but glad to see you’re still writing away.

    Will be back to harass soon. In the meantime, mace yourself up 🙂

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