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The Irish!

February 4, 2009

I am suspicious.

It has been 38 days since I left Perth. 5½ weeks that I’ve been away from Badger.

And he appears to be having oodles of fun.

Oh, I don’t begrudge him enjoying himself. And he has been calling and skyping regularly, telling me that he misses me. But with all the fun he has been having, what if he’s all funned out by the time I get back?!

I blame the Irish!

According to the reports I’ve been receiving, the Irish are keeping Badger very busy in my absence. Partying it up at Rosie’s, watching fireworks, getting hot and sweaty with each other on the football pitch, and hanging out on picnic blankets at the outdoor film festival. While the Irish are, without a doubt, top blokes, my suspicio-radar is definitely pinging.¹

What’s more, one of the Irish was recently made homeless and is now comfortably ensconced on our couch while he hunts for another house. In the meantime, he and Badger have been going to the beach almost every day and taking scenic drives. Sunset walks haven’t been mentioned, but I’m beginning to wonder if those have just been omitted from the reports.

To top it all off, Badger reports that he will be going to a party with his new housemate this weekend. How did this happen? An Irishman has stolen my +1!!

I foresee four more sleepless nights until I reclaim my side of the bed.

¹ Also known as jealo-radar.²
² Not to be confused with jello-radar.

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